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What is a Calm Down Companion

The Calm Down Companion is our first product in a collection of toys that have a purpose in positive parenting. Tranquil Teddy is the first character in the Calm Down Companion Series that employs touch and sight to help children learn how to get calm or stay calm during difficult or emotional situations. Stay connected with us through our Facebook page to find out when the next characters are being born!


The Calm Down Companions series offer a friendly and comforting face while using the mesmerizing power of floating glitter to help your child settle and begin to calm down.


The Goal - With continued help from Tranquil Teddy and his future friends, children can learn what upsets them and begin to use the Calm Down Companion themselves prior to being put into a negative time out situation. This helps both the parent and child! They can disengage from a potentially stressful situation and progress towards emotional control. Instead of a time out which feels like a punishment, the Calm Down Companion can be used as a positive pause for purposeful parenting.

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