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Comments from those in our focus group included:


Your Calm Down Companion is one of the very first revolutionary products I have ever seen that meets both the need of emotional regulation and brain soothing functions. This is just so spectacular!

 - Kimberly Clayton Blaine the GoToMom

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Working in a pediatric office, we are often faced with scared, shy, and sometimes crying children.  The calm down companion helped me perform some "tear free" exams for a few scared toddlers and helped calm down a crying school age child. The toy is a great distraction for fearful and unsure children..the familiarity of the bear combined with the glitter in the ball (which a few children quickly recognized could be removed-again, another distraction) held their attention and allowed me to easily perform exams that would have otherwise been met with tears, resistance, and fear. Not only did it help me examine a scared child on that particular day, but it created an experience that was positive. This positive experience will hopefully carry into their next visit as they remember this visit was a great visit.


I was also able to distract and calm a crying child AFTER a visit by sharing the calm down companion with her (early school age child).


I truly believe this is a great item for medical professionals to have on hand in their offices. Visits to the pediatrician office can be met with fear, uncertainty, and tears especially when they often include vaccinations or when a child isn't feeling well. The Calm Down Companion is great for comforting, distracting, and calming down an upset or scared child.


I've even ordered one for a friend whose child screams with every diaper change, in the hopes that he will not get so upset with each diaper change (15 months old)

 - Emily Piniatoglou, MS, CPNP-PC




I've had a look at your website, and I think the Calm Down Companion is a great idea! What a wonderful addition to a calm-down area for children!

- Rebecca Eanes,




When my child is upset or scared, passing her Tranquil Teddy provides a calming distraction that redirects her thoughts away from the negative to something that is soothing and positive. This allows her a few moments to get control of her emotions and start processing her feelings in a more positive direction.


When a child is placed in a frightening and unfamiliar setting, such as a hospital emergency room, having the ability to introduce a calming and soothing Tranquil Teddy immediately changes the mood in the room. The child sees and can hold onto a Teddy that has a kind face and the child can look directly into the Teddy’s gentle and loving eyes. Additionally, the glowing glitter ball is enchanting and changes all the time, providing a wonderful distraction from the stresses of the hospital and unfamiliar doctors and procedures.


Children of all ages respond well to the use of this toy!


My child had a difficult time sleeping through the night, creating a great deal of stress for the entire family. After she received a Tranquil Teddy, this issue resolved. When my daughter awoke at 4 AM, instead of feeling scared and leaving her bed, she held the Teddy and relaxed while looking at the Teddy’s peaceful face and lovely glowing ball. Soon she was back to sleep and started the new day feeling rested and refreshed--- just like her happy parents!

- Jacqueline S. Jeruss, MD, PhD




It’s a soft cuddly stuffed animal, which my kid always wants, yet it has a purpose that will help me!




The glitter is so soothing, the length of time it takes to fall is perfect!




I love that the calm down companion has no attachments nothing to have to deal with, it’s so simple I can just take it with us everywhere!




The Calm Down Companion makes bedtime easier, with a calming nightlight, soothing glitter, and a stuffed plush!




The concept is so simple yet so helpful, how has no one thought of this before!




We love Tranquil Teddy and can’t wait until Elly the Enduring Elephant is brought to life and adoptable, what a cuddly friend!




I could see being able to bring this everywhere with my child its like a lovey yet it has an actual soothing purpose!




Thank you so much for our Tranquil Teddy. It has brought incredible success to our household!




I gave it to my 9 year old. He has slept alone in his bed with his Teddy for the last 2 nights ... Hadn't done that in at least a couple of weeks!




My son was throwing an out of control fit because he lost the Canadian money he had gotten for a school trip to Toronto. He was sobbing, screaming, hitting himself in the head "for being so stupid". I brought him the bear, told him to watch the glitter until it had all fallen, then to come talk to me. IT WORKED!!! I am a true believer. Still can't believe it worked on a 12 year old!!!

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